Foxpoint’s Rapid Growth Generates New Enterprise Resource Planning System and Brand Evolution

Kansas City, August 16, 2022 FoxPoint Trucks, LLC, a leading technology-enabled logistics platform now known as Foxpoint, today announces its internally-developed RAPID technology platform that integrates and connects systems to enable asset management, workflow management, and reporting. RAPID is an all-inclusive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that correlates data from various sources to create a single repository. The platform increases employee productivity and organizes data in a presentable and actionable manner to facilitate streamlining business decisions and processes.

“We have built the best-in-class software packages to manage many of our operations functions,” said Laura Stack, Chief Financial Officer at Foxpoint. “Our home-grown RAPID technology platform integrates and connects all of our functional systems to provide ‘one version of the truth for best strategic decisions and tactical execution.”

In addition to the RAPID technology platform, the company’s branding has evolved to include a new name, logo, tagline, and brand colors. The refreshed Foxpoint brand is redefining and innovating the transportation industry with a technology-focused approach to streamlining systems and processes.

“Foxpoint is paving the way in our industry, and our RAPID technology platform and refreshed branding are a testament to our commitment to innovative solutions that add value and drive success,” said Jeff Dema, Chief Executive Officer at Foxpoint. “Our brand promises to use our tech-enabled systems and processes to find solutions for our transportation partners.” 

Foxpoint’s proven tech-enabled systems and proprietary processes are the keys to transforming the future of transportation. More information about Foxpoint is available at

About Foxpoint

Foxpoint was founded in 2013 and is a leading technology-enabled logistics platform based near Kansas City, Mo. For more information, visit